Appointment And First Meeting Of Creditors Of Company Under Administration

Aptura Developments Pty Ltd

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ABN: 59117144644

Club Financial Services Holdings Pty Ltd

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Echoice Ltd

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Echoice Services Pty Ltd (formerly Firstfolio Services Pty Ltd)

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Equipment Leasing Solutions Pty Ltd

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Artarmon NSW 2064

Firstfolio Capital Management Pty Ltd

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Folio Financial Services Pty Ltd

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Folio Franchising Pty Ltd

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Folio Leasing Pty Ltd

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Folio Loan Services Pty Ltd

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Folio Loans Australia Pty Ltd

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Folio Mortgage & Finance Pty Ltd

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Folio Wholesale Pty Ltd

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Xplore Capital Pty Ltd

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Published: 29/11/2017

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to consider:

  1. whether to appoint a committee of inspection; and
  2. if so, who are to be the committee ' s members.

At the meeting, creditors may also, by resolution:

  1. remove the administrator(s) from office; and
  2. appoint someone else as administrator(s) of the Company.

Rodgers Reidy